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    中考英语优秀作文Beautiful, She Said

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    中考英语优秀作文Beautiful, She Said

    i never thought that i understood her. she always seemed so far away from me. i loved her, of course. we shared mutual love from the day i was born. i came into this world with a bashed head and deformed features because of the hard labor my mother had gone through. family members and friends wrinkled their noses at the disfigured baby i was. they all commented on how much i looked like a beat-up football player. but no, not her. nana thought i was beautiful. her eyes twinkled with splendor and happiness at the ugly baby in her arms. her first granddaughter. beautiful, she said.

    before final exams in my junior year of high school, she died. seven years ago, her doctors diagnosed nana with alzheimers disease. seven years ago, our family became experts on this disease as, slowly, we lost her.

    she always spoke in fragmented sentences. as the years passed, the words she spoke became fewer and fewer, until finally she said nothing at all. we were lucky to get one occasional word out of her. it was then our family knew she was near the end.


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