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    I got up early this morning. I cleaned my room. I opened the window and aired the room. I picked up the paper and swept the floor. Then I made the bed.我今天很早起床。打扫了房间。我开窗通了风。我捡了地上的纸,扫了地。然后我整理了床铺。

    I played computer games. We had lunch at 12:00. We had fish for lunch.我玩了电脑游戏。我们在12点的.时候吃了午饭。我们吃了鱼。

    After lunch we went to the park. In the evening I did my homework. We had delicious food for supper.午饭后,我们去了公园。傍晚的时候我做了作业。我们晚饭吃了美味。

    I was very happy today.我今天过的很愉快。


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