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Zero Zero Robotics

Beijing Zero Zero Technology Co.,Ltd (ZZ) is a world-class robotics company pioneering the development of artificial intelligence (AI) hardware equipment and providing comprehensive solutions of machine vision and high-precision computer control.

Chint Electrics(601877.SH)

CHINT New Energy Development (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd, the subsidiary of CHINT Group, is the largest photovoltaic power company in China. It runs business in investment, construction, operation and outsourcing in photovoltaic industry.


mProbe focuses on defining medical parameters and detecting diseases using multi-omics analysis and AI computer models, which is expected to challenge traditional medical detection methods, reduce testing costs, improve accuracy, and detect diseases in the early stage, and therefore benefit overall well-being.

Youera Media

Youera Media is a young media company devoted to content creation and communication. Its business consists of high quality business reports, business community operations, and offline marketing services targeting high net worth individuals and families.

Zhehua SummitView Fund

Zhehua SummitView fund supports the development of new technologies as well as the growing technology firms, by leveraging the strengths of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University in scientific research and technology, the industrial resources and recognition of ZUIG, and investment expertise of ZUIG and SummitView Capital.

GP Healthcare Service Capital

GP Healthcare Service Capital (GP HS Capital), supported and operated by Shanghai GP Capital and ZUIG, mainly focuses on investment opportunities in chain specialty hospitals and large-scale general hospitals in China.


ULSee is a software company providing turn-key solutions in AR/VR domains based on the best-in-class face tracking, 3D modeling, and face recognition technologies.

Jinjiang Environmen(SGX:BWM)

Jinjiang Environment Holding Company Limited (SGX:BWM) is the first and leading waste-to-energy operator in China with the largest waste treatment capacity in operation.

Bang'er Medical

Zhejiang Bang'er Medical Investment is a leading Chinese private orthopedic hospital operator in the Yangtze River Delta Region, specializing in orthopedics and rehabilitation.


LinkonWorks focuses on building a chronic diseases management platform for primary medical care and providing integrated services for chronic diseases healthcare institutions.

China UMS

China UMS, controlled by China UnionPay, is a leading integrated bank card payment service provider in China who focuses on bank cards acceptance market. China UMS is one of the first payment institutions to get the PBOC “Third Party Payment License”, and also one of the 21 core payment institutions appointed by PBOC.

XiangFenghua Technologies(300890.SZ)

Shenzhen XiangFenghua Technologies Inc is a company focusing on researching, manufacturing and selling high-end cathode material for lithium ion battery. The company is dedicated to improving the social well-being with its green technology and to becoming the first-class new energy materials solutions provider.


AUPU, founded in 1993, is the pioneer of bathroom electricals in China. It owns the largest bathroom products manufacturing base in Asia.


Keboda focuses on the technological innovation and industrialization of automotive electronics and related products. Keboda has integrated into the global high-end industrial supply chain, and many of its products are at the advanced level in the global market.

Pailin Bio-Pharmacy(000403.SZ)

Pailin Bio-Pharmacy, a high-tech listed company trading at Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is principally engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of plasma products.

Zhejiang SilkRoad Fund

Zhejiang SilkRoad Fund (ZSF) is an affiliated private equity fund to Zhejiang United Investment Group (ZUIG), with RMB 5 billion fund size. Supported by the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, ZSF is managed by ZUIG and seeks to make cross-border investments with market approach under the “One Belt One Road” strategic guidance. ZSF investors include ZUIG as well as other institutional LPs and corporations.

FR Capital

Zhejiang Qiantangjiang Financial Research Asset Management Co., Ltd. (FR Capital) fully leverages the resources of Zhejiang Qiantangjiang Institute of Financial Research, large financial institutions and listed companies. FR Capital focuses its investments in six fields, including TMT, high-end equipment & intelligent manufacturing, energy saving & environmental friendly industry, health care, education and consumer goods.

Expace Technology Co., Ltd

Expace is a company specializing in commercial launch services with its Kuaizhou (KZ) series solid-propellant rockets. As the only private sector investor among the company’s RMB 1.2-billion Series A financing round, ZUIG/Zhejiang SilkRoad Fund(ZSF) supports Expace to boost China’s commercial aerospace industry.


Xinya, a leading wire and cable manufacturer in China, is devoted to R&D, manufacturing and selling sophisticated wires, high-speed and high-frequency data cables,industrial cables, medical cables, and automotive wires.

PAFC Bio Pharmaceutical

PAFC Bio Pharmaceutical, established in 1992, is the one and only biopharmaceutic company in Northeast China focusing on researching and developing, manufacturing and selling plasma products.

CMR Surgical

CMR Surgical is a British surgical robotics company headquartered in Cambridge. Its first generation robotics system ---- Versius, has recently achieved CE Mark and will soon be available for commercial use.

Futong Communication Technology

FSO, established in 1998, is a leading optical fiber and cable manufacturer in China. Its business ranges from total synthesis optical preforms, optical fiber drawing, to optical cable manufacturing.

IoT Industry Fund

With the initial fund size of RMB 900 million,YueTai focuses on emerging industries including sensor technology, intelligent drive, smart home, industrial IoT, intelligent energy, and intelligent city. It is dedicated to build an industrial ecology of IoT technology and application.

WestSummit Capital

WestSummit Capital is a global growth capital venture fund. The firm is founded and operated by a group of investment professionals who were formerly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives of Nasdaq companies globally.


Club Factory is a cross-border e-commerce platform focusing on emerging markets. The key strength is a proprietary integrated supply chain using data and AI technology.


The headquarter of GUOBANG Pharmaceutical and Chemical Group is located in HangZhou, Guobang Group is dedicated to become an international and non-regional company with the core of pharmaceutical & chemical technology and the staple industry of life-health.


Cloudwise is China’s leading full-stack intelligent operation platform and service provider for modern IT system. As a leader in the AIOps sector, the company provides professional products and full-stack digital operation solutions, and further helps customers set up operation middle-office with big data and AI, supporting enterprises’ digitalization and business innovation.

Nebula Link

Beijing Nebula Link Technology Co., Ltd is establishment in 2015, by leveraging the strengths of Tsinghua University , which has new generation of ITS, ICV techniques and technical services in China and internationally. The company create the top intelligent network car and smart traffic products and services.


Founded in 2009, Robocath designs, develops and commercializes robotic solutions to treat cardiovascular diseases. Robocath’s R-One™ system has received CE mark in February 2019 and uses a unique technology that optimizes the safety of robotic-assisted coronary angioplasty. The company has been conducting its FIH clinical trial since September 2019. Currently R-One™ is clinically available in Europe and Africa.

Ideal Deposition

Founded in 2013, Ideal Deposition Equipment and Applications (Shanghai) Ltd. (“Ideal Deposition”) is a high-tech equipment company focusing on emerging fields, such as new energy and optoelectronics. The company’s current core product is the flat atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment for mass production of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells.


FlashDx Shenzhen Inc. is a technology company focusing on delivering affordable, easy-to-use and high quality molecular diagnostics (MDx) solution to everyone. FlashDx is developing a multiplexed point-of-care MDx system. With integrated quantitative PCR and microfluidics, the system provides a low cost, highly sensitive “sample to answer” solution.

Shengli Technologies

Shengli Technologies is a leading FinTech company in China. The company is positioned as the largest financial FPGA trading technology provider in the world, focusing on ultra-low latency order routing, feed handling, risk management and quantitative strategy platforms, across all listed markets and listed asset classes.


Since its establishment in 2012,GOLONG has been focusing on global niche cosmetic brands.Through brand incubation and asset management,GOLONG has cultivated many new brands into popular brands in China. Golong has established a mature brand incubation system.Through e-commerce and social media, GOLONG helps brands to quickly enter the Chinese market and establish brand recognition, which facilitate the brand breakthrough from 0-1.

I-Mab Hangzhou

The formation of I-Mab Hangzhou is part of I-Mab’s (NASDAQ: IMAB) strategic plan to become a fully integrated biopharma company which involves building a comprehensive biologics manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China.I-Mab Hangzhou will own and control its GMP manufacturing process in order to ensure quality, secure production slots and maximize cost- effectiveness, as well as develop certain autoimmune biologics assets such as TJ301, TJM2 (excluding cytokine release syndrome indications).


MINISO, a fast-growing global value retailer offering a variety of design-led lifestyle products. Aesthetically pleasing design, quality and affordability are at the core of every product they deliver. MINISO offered consumers a wide selection of approximately 8,000 core SKUs, which span across 11 major categories, including home decor, small electronics, textile, accessories, beauty tools, toys, cosmetics, personal care, snacks, fragrance and perfumes, and stationery and gifts.


Bangandi is the leader of hazardous chemical safety production and emergency management information construction industry. Bangandi’s business covers the research, development and, sales of industrial Internet, intelligent emergency and, safety production system.

Drug Farm

Tellhow Software provides R&D, design, sales and service of software products and system solution for the energy Internet industry. The company is actively expanding energy big data, intelligent products and solutions.


BaishanCloud is a leading independent edge cloud service provider in China with strong global outreach capabilities, offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, and developer services.


Xforceplus offers supply chain information collaboration and VAT invoice management to enterprises through its internet and cloud-based software services. Xforceplus's flagship product Yipiaotong, which claims to be China's largest invoice transaction integrated cloud platform, can help business entities improve tax risk control.

Zhengtai'an energy

Zhengtai'an energy is a leading enterprise in the field of household photovoltaic in China. Using idle residential roof resources, zhengtai'an energy focuses on providing users with one-stop services of system survey, design, installation, operation and maintenance. Up to now, nearly 500,000 household photovoltaic power stations have been built in China, bringing more green power to the whole society.

ASD Far East Technology

ASD Far East Technology is an enterprise group that is dedicated to lightweight design and manufacturing in auto industry. The company has established long-term relationships, stable and strategic cooperation with global well known vehicle manufacturers and auto parts integrators.

Honglian Network Technology

Shanghai Honglian Network Technology Co.,LTD, headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a high-tech corporation develops and provides software solutions for digital investigation, Which has created 6 subsidiaries in Hefei, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hangzhou,Beijing, Guangzhou.


ZSM is an eye health company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of ophthalmic products, and has become one of the most well-known eye health brands in China. ZSM has a rich product lineup, including 48 types of medicines, mainly eye drops, as well as a number of eye care and eye health products.

Drug Farm

Drug Farm is a China and US-based biotech specialized in first-in-class drug development for immunological diseases.

Huadao Biopharma

Established in 2017, Huadao Biopharma specializes in cellular immunotherapy, and focuses on the development and innovation of cell therapy value chain technology. The company owns independent intellectual property rights of key equipment, reagents and consumables in the field of CAR-T cell manufacturing.

Shengyu New Materials

Through management buyout(MBO), Shengyu New Materials owns the assets of Musongqiao plate under Saint-Gobain Group, a Fortune 500 company in the world, and is a leader in the field of manufacturing and exporting ductile iron pipeline systems in China. Its international brand PAM (Musongqiao) is a well-known ductile iron pipeline manufacturer with a long history, strong scale and advanced technology in the world.

Aukey Technology

Aukey Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese cross-border e-commerce oprator, which focuses on the design, research, development and sales of consumer electronics, power tools and other products. Aukey reaches end consumers mainly through third-party online platforms, such as Amazon, and occupies a leading market share on mainstream overseas e-commerce platforms.


Beijing Remarkables-United Technology Co.,Ltd. (or HeZhongWeiQi in Chinese) is a National High-tech company focusing on providing total solutions to Energy-Internet enterprise customers. Founded in 2013, the Company has quickly grown to a core-software supplier to State Grid in its informatization transformation, and has offered products and operation services to 29 provincial grids throughout China. The Company aims to be a leading solution provider in serving national digital economy and “double-carbon” strategy.

Shenqi Medical

Shenqi Medical is a Shanghai based innovative medical device solution provider dedicated in structure heart disease and interventional cardiology device. In 2020, Shenqi Medical has commercialized its current flagship product, a cardiovascular paclitaxel DCB (Drug-Coated Balloon) in China, exceling similar imported devicess in terms of coating uniformity and firmness.


Capvision is a China-based expert network plantform with experts from various industires and expertise worldwide. And provide accurate and efficient knowlege sharing services for financial instituitons, consulting firm,global enterprises, and high-net-worth indivduals. Capvision has office in Shanghai(Headpquatered) 、Beijing、 Suzhou、Shenzhen、Hongkong、Munich and Oaska.


As the leading global provider of hydrogen fuel cell systems and key components, REFIRE GROUP has three business units dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of fuel cell systems, fuel cell stacks and DC/DC converters, and is committed to the commercialization and large-scale application of hydrogen fuel cell technology and products with global partners and institutions of the industrial chain.

TYK Medicines

TYK Medicines is set up as an innovative biotech and focused at Best-in-class & First-in-class small molecule oncology drug R&D. TYK Medicines was established by oversea scientists in November 2017 and has developed a series of small molecule candidates aiming breast cancer and lung cancer which can satisfy unmet medicial needs. The company's leading compund TY-9591 is in a Phase III clinical trial, and other compounds are in phase I or II trials.


Magtron is a high-tech company based in Zhejiang, which dedicated to the magnetoelectric sensor and control chip technology research, serving the aerospace, Marine engineering equipment and smart grid, intelligent transportation and other significant areas of basis, realized the multi-dimensional integrated innovation in the ecological chain.


Eroad INC. provides a one stop Human Capital Management cloud platform with comprehensive compensation as the core. With people-centric as its design principle, Eroad provide the customers a unified SaaS solution and value-added service, supporting and empowering them to manage the entire employee lifecycle, stimulating their infinite potential, enhancing their core competitiveness.

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