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Zhejiang United Investment Group (referred to as "ZUIG") is a large-scale joint-stock industrial and financial investment company, accumulating capital and financial resources from Zhejiang-based outstanding private enterprises. ZUIG draws on the guidance and support from the Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce and Zhejiang Provincial Financial Service Office. The company was established in April, 2015 by eight leading Zhejiang-based private enterprises and institutions. ZUIG acts as a trailblazer into the cooperative development within the cross-industrial operations in the investment field.


ZUIG's founding shareholders include CHINT Group, Futong Group, GreatStar Holding Group, Wolong Holding Group, Wanfeng Auto Holding Group, AUX Group, Sunon Group, and Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, and their businesses cover smart appliances, new energy, communications, machinery manufacturing, industrial automation, auto parts, general aviation, home appliance furniture, environmental protection, healthcare, and financial services. Initial registered capital amounts to RMB 5 billion.


With strong industrial, financial, as well as talent capital, ZUIG focuses on advanced manufacturing/high-end equipment, medical healthcare, energy conservation and environmental protection, Fintech and state-owned enterprise reform. By adopting “holding investment + strategic investment” mode, and taking advantage of overseas investment platforms, listed companies' industrial platforms and asset management platforms, ZUIG drives the financial leverage. Furthermore, through helping enterprises to merge, reorganize, and integrate industrial chains, directly participating in the transformation of the mixture of state-owned and private enterprises and fostering strategic emerging industries, it has gradually become a benchmark for enhancing the company's value through industrial integration, and become a first-class, shareholders-supported and Zhejiang-based, asset management company, aiming to serve the entire China and the world.



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